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Belgian HIV-AIDS Cohort Study

The Belgian HIV Cohort was initiated in 2006 to obtain a more comprehensive picture of the HIV epidemic in Belgium (including information on the outcomes of the patients in addition to the register of new HIV/AIDS cases). It consists of a prospective multicenter data collection all nine AIDS Reference Centres (ARC) in Belgium. The aim of this cohort is to acquire and share information on the characteristics of the HIV population under medical follow-up and the evolution of these characteristics. The implementation of such a cohort will hopefully contribute to improve the management of the People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Belgium. More specifically, the objectives of the cohort are to estimate the number of HIV patients in followup and their demographic profile, to monitor outcomes in terms of death and lost to follow-up and to assess immunological (CD4) and virological (VL) changes over time, as well as antiretroviral therapy (ART) uptake.An enlargement of the data collection for the cohort is foreseen, which will permit to have more information on morbidity, more detailed information on treatment and evolution. Data collected for the cohort are both medical data (from medical files) and laboratory data (from LIMS)

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