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Belgian Registration of acetabular and pelvic fractures

The goal of the registry is to improve patient safety, effectiveness of treatments and patient outcome after pelvic trauma. There is no financialsupport for documentation or participation of hospitals. Participation in the registry is voluntary and includes, to the opinion of the authors, dedicated and motivated and interested pioneer colleagues only. The documentation takes place via online web-based portal, which applies data validation rules ensuring certain generic accuracy and completeness of the data. For example the order and correctness of accident, admission, treatment and discharge dates is ensured. If acetabulum fracture is endorsed then acetabulum-specific fracture classifications, treatment and complications are mandatory. This ensures meaningfulness of the collected data. Only complete records can be submitted and, thus, locked for analyses and internal reports. The proportion and of incomplete records is constantly assessed and consequently effort are made to keep this proportion to the minimum. Each participating hospital has a medical doctor responsible for documentation, who is typically experienced in correct coding based on the provided documentation guide, classification guidelines and other definitions. The responsible colleagues are meeting twice annually to discuss the documentation load, methodological questions, scientific analyses, and etc. A monitoring of documentation by participating center and internal data validation are taking place at these meetings.At the same time, all participating hospitals are required to document all their cases.

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